American Express Takes Members Project to Social Media

Officials at American Express announced the return of the Members Project, a popular outreach program that raised both money and awareness during its two previous cycles. For the third Members Project, American Express teamed up with social action network Take Part. In statements to reporters, project leaders expressed excitement about the initiative's shift from an annual fundraising event to an ongoing hub for cardmember community activism.

The 2007 Members Project raised funds for UNICEF to improve the quality of drinking water in four African countries. During 2008, American Express cardmembers selected early detection of Alzheimer's Disease as the focus for $1.5 million in corporate and individual donations. From 2010 forward, Members Project participants can share progress on their personal charity projects while still helping to select recipients for corporate donations of $200,000.

Every three months, Members Project participants will narrow down a list of nominated charities to five eventual grant winners. In addition to voting on worthy organizations, American Express cardmembers can use the Members Project platform to make convenient donations to any of over a million eligible charities.