Debt Consolidation/Management

Accelerated Debt Consolidation, Inc. is a full service Credit Counseling and Debt Management firm. They are known for providing the highest quality specialized debt management service in the industry. Credit card debt can be drastically reduced through a properly administered debt management program. Debt help is available without ruining your credit.

  • Written Guarantee No Risk - Clients pay nothing until they see that the accounts are accepted on the program by their creditors.
  • Flexibility - Clients do not have to include all accounts
  • Customized Plan - They will structure a Debt Management Plan ("DMP") to allow for taking advantage of balance transfers, introductory rates etc.
  • Plan Designed For Maintaining Credit - Accelerated takes steps to minimize any credit damage as a result of the DMP.
  • Best BBB record in The Industry

Please read our article on Debt Settlements, Credit Card Debt? Think Twice Before Jumping on the Debt Settlement Bandwagon! For faster service, please mention when contacting Accelerated Debt Consolidation, Inc.