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Added June 23, 2010 from: Mike Killian
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Answered By Mike Killian:
The general U.S. population FICO Scores range throughout the country from a high score of 850 to a low of 620 and below. Scores are divided into five groups, each representing 20 percent of the adult population: 780 to 850, 740 to 780, 690 to 740, 620 to 690, and below 620.

What constitutes a good credit scoreis a matter of economics. Not long ago your pet turtle could have applied for--and probably gotten--a credit card, so a good score could have been 620. In a very tight economy (as is the case today) a minimum "good"score is considered 740 or better. It all depends how much credit is being extended. 

So though your score of 725 will likely be good enough to be offered various forms of credit, it probably would not be considered as "good" in today's economy. I do recommend checking your credit score regularly to insure its accuracy for maximum scoring.

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