Mobile Credit Card Payment App Reviews

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, July 11, 2012
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MerchantWARE Mobile

MerchantWareBy: MerchantWarehouse.com (AKA Accept Credit Cards for iPhone)

Cost: Varies depending on merchant account. Transaction fee, $0.21. Sales percentage: 1.69 percent swiped, 2.19 percent keyed.

Solid value. MerchantWARE Mobile offers competitive pricing and a competent app. The mobile solution is good but not great, lacking some key features available even on the pared-down Square, such as automatic sales tax, a tip field and signature capability. Order fields require manual input without the help of auto-complete, although the Bluetooth card reader captures reliable credit card information. MerchantWARE Mobile is designed for value-conscious small businesses. Merchant Warehouse's president has announced that the business is "not targeting the micro-merchants anymore."

Pro: Low cost and no merchant contract necessary.

Con: User interface is spare rather than minimal, lacking some key features. According to customer reviews, customer service is just as elusive.



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