Mobile Credit Card Payment App Reviews

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, July 11, 2012
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PAYware Mobile

PAYware Mobile By: VeriFone

Cost: Low-volume (<1,500 transactions per month): No monthly charge. Transaction fee $0.15. Sales percentage: 2.75 percent.

High-volume (>1,500 transactions): Monthly charge, $19.99. Transaction fee, $0.20. Sales percentage: 1.65 percent. Activation and hardware costs, variable depending on contract.

Professional and reliable. You can tell a lot about an app from its relatives: Innovative, design-savvy Square shares the same founder as Twitter; GoPayment is cousin to QuickBooks; and PAYware Mobile carries the VeriFone name. VeriFone, a pioneer of electronic point-of-sale systems, has developed a thorough and reliable app with an emphasis on data security. PayWARE Mobile meets Visa Best Practices for Data Field Encryption and other security benchmarks. The app offers forward-looking features such as geotagging and a link with Google Wallet for contactless payments. A robust and professional app, PAYware is better suited to sales reps and merchants than the average Joe.

Pro: Reliable, stable and forward-looking, PAYware Mobile feels more professional than its competitors. Security is a top priority.

Con: The app design is not as sleek as competitors, nor is the pricing.



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