Mobile Credit Card Payment App Reviews

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, July 11, 2012
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Intuit GoPayment Logo By: Intuit

Cost: Low volume (<1,000 transactions per month): No monthly charge. No transaction fee. Sales percentage: 2.7 percent swiped, 3.7 percent keyed.

High volume (>1,000 transactions): Monthly, $12.95. No transaction fee. Sales percentage: 1.7 percent swiped and 2.7 percent keyed. Card reader not included.

Easy to use. GoPayment is just as user-friendly as Square, but includes some extra features that will make life easier for established vendors. The app's homepage is structured as an order form with predefined items, quantities and prices, a more robust alternative to Square's write-in fields. GoPayment also syncs with accounting software, including its Intuit cousin QuickBooks. In short, GoPayment is the automated cash register to Square's handwritten invoice.

Pro: GoPayment adds some complexity in the name of convenience, but without sacrificing its user-friendly design.

Con: One size fits all might not fit all perfectly. For customization, check out Chase Paymentech.



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