Mobile Credit Card Payment App Reviews

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, July 11, 2012
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Credit Card Machine

PayNet SystemsBy: Paynet Systems

Cost: Monthly, $10. Transaction fee, $0.25. Sales percentage, 1.59 percent for Visa and Mastercard.

Small business value. One of the lower-cost mobile credit card processing solutions, Paynet Systems attracts small businesses in search of a professional, reliable app at an affordable price. Credit Card Machine trades on established processor Paynet's gateway, keeping costs low and service levels high. A lean, no-nonsense interface combines transaction and customer data collection to help businesses manage relationships.

Pro: Affordable and reliable processing for small and mid-sized businesses, with useful CRM features.

Con: Mid-market practical rather than sleek, this app lacks the design ingenuity to appeal to individual micromerchants or large enterprises.



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