Ten Best Credit Card Commercials

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, May 19, 2015
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10 best credit card commercials

Even though millions of consumers take the time to compare credit card offers online every month, television advertising still plays a key role in helping us decide which brands we trust and what cards to avoid.

According to trade publication Advertising Age, lenders have stormed back into Americans' living rooms with sharp ads and big budgets. American Express alone spent $3.1 billion in a single year to get you to remember its brand and services. But, what makes a credit card memorable?

What makes a great credit card ad?

When researchers James J. Kellaris and Thomas W. Cline studied the effectiveness of television ads, they found humor wasn't the best indicator that you'd remember a product. In fact, it's the unexpected elements that make the biggest impact on consumers. It's easy to pack a Super Bowl spot with celebrity cameos and comedic sight gags. But when we're surprised to hear about a credit card company that picks up the phone with a real person on the third ring, we remember it. More importantly, we tell our friends.

With those criteria in mind, we present 10 of the best credit card commercial campaigns of all time.


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